Our Terms and Conditions applies to all reservations made direct through us and through all 3rd party agencies unless specified otherwise.

Thank you for choosing to book with Crow How – we look forward to welcoming you.

When you make this booking you are entering into an agreement with us. Please carefully read our terms and conditions of booking below.

Prices: The price includes accommodation plus any board indicated. Unless clearly stated on the booking form all extras such as, telephone, drinks etc are additional. We accept the following forms of payment: cash, debit cards, credit cards, but no cheques. The tariff booked is the payable amount whether or not any price reductions occur at a later date. We have the right to change our tariffs at any time.

Payment Details: When booking a room we will require your valid credit/debit card details to secure the reservation. If the reservation has been made via telephone or through our Online System we will deduct the amount of £50.00 per room from your chosen card at the time of booking. The remaining balance will paid upon the guests departure.  If the card used has been found to be invalid the booking will be cancelled. If a booking is made through a 3rd party agent such as Booking.com, Expedia etc then a deposit equivalent to the cost of the first night stay is taken at the time of booking. If booked within 14 days of arrival then the full cost of the stay will be charged at the time of booking. If a non-refundable rate is chosen at the time of booking the full amount will be taken – this will not be refunded under any circumstance. 

Cancellation and Insurance: A valid debit/credit card will be required at the time of booking as security against cancellation. Once you have booked your stay with us our agreement is a legal contract. With your agreement that if the booking is cancelled within 7 days of arrival (from 3:00 pm that afternoon)  or in case of a no show (any guest not turning up on the stated and confirmed arrival date is classed as a no show with the reservation being cancelled and the room being re-let) , then we have the right to charge the full amount of your reservation to your credit/debit card. Any booking cancelled before 7 days of arrival will be entitled to the deposit being refunded. If booked through a 3rd party booking agent, any booking cancelled before 14 days of arrival will be entitled to the deposit being refunded. Guests are required to make the cancellation through the booking agent.

If staying over the Easter Period (Friday to Monday inclusive), any Bank Holiday Period (Friday to Monday inclusive) or between December 27th to January 1st then If the booking is cancelled within 14 days of arrival (from 3:00 pm that afternoon) or in case of a no show, then we have the right to charge the full amount of your reservation to your credit/debit card. Any booking cancelled before 14 days of arrival will be entitled to the deposit being refunded.

It is completely at our discretion as to whether any refund is given, as is the amount of the refund, due to exceptional cancellation circumstances within the cancellation period. Whether booked directly through us, or from a booking agent, if, for whatever reason, other than any gross error on our part in failure to provide the advertised accommodation, you wish to leave before your agreed stay duration, you will be charged the full amount based on the number of nights stated in your confirmed reservation. In the event of any guest refusing to pay any cancellation charges due, or if their card is found to be invalid or has been declined we may take legal action. We highly recommend all guests have insurance to cover costs of cancellation, curtailment, and loss of baggage, personal effects and money.

Offers: A reservation which is inclusive of any offer will be charged a deposit at the rate of our normal room price. This will be also be the amount payable if any cancellation is made which incurs charges.

Reservation alterations: If we consent to a guest moving their reservation to a different date the highest tariff will apply ie. moving from a lower tariff date to a higher tariff date the higher amount will apply, from a higher tariff date to a lower tariff date the higher amount will still apply. This is also applicable through 3rd party booking agencies.

Failure to pay: If the guest leaves without paying we have the right to charge the guests total stay tariff to the card used to secure their booking.

No-Show: If the guest does not show for the first night of their reservation the full amount of their stay will be charged to the card used to secure the booking.

Non-availability: We would only cancel your booking if your accommodation was unavailable for reasons beyond our control. We would attempt to offer you alternative accommodation, however if this was not possible, or unacceptable to you, then we would refund all monies paid by you. Our liability would not extend beyond this refund.

Online Booking: Bookings made through our own on-line service are provisional only until we confirm the reservation via email within 24 hours of the booking being made. We have the right to cancel the reservation within the 24 hours and will notify the person who made the booking via email.

Gift Vouchers: Gift vouchers are available to purchase – you can choose any amount. Payment for the voucher will be taken at time of purchase and then voucher will be posted out once the payment has been confirmed. If voucher is damaged during postal transit please contact us as soon as possible and a replacement voucher will be issued. Vouchers are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash. Vouchers can be redeemed via telephone bookings, not through any third party sites, such as Booking.com. Unfortunately vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers and are unable to be redeemed for stays at christmas, new year or public holidays. Expiry date shown on voucher. Once booking is made please refer to standard terms and conditions.

Room Choice: We are happy to book you in to the bedroom of your choice if the booking is made direct through us and not through any third party booking agencies. If in the rare occasion we have to move you to another room (due to unforeseen problems), we will contact you before you arrive. If the alternative room offered has the same facilities as the original bedroom then no deposit refund will be given if the guest chooses to cancel their booking. This will only amount to the deposit paid and not the total cost of their stay. If the bedroom offered is not of an equal standard, and if the guest wishes to cancel, their deposit will be returned.

Bedroom Toiletries: Please do not remove any toiletries from the bedrooms/bathrooms. If we find any to be missing when the guest leaves their payment credit/debit card will be charged £10.00 per item.

Arrival: Your accommodation will only be available to you from 3:00 pm on the day of arrival, unless otherwise arranged and confirmed directly with us. Please let us know if you plan to arrive after 11pm by telephone.

Departure: Please be ready to leave your accommodation by 10:30 am on the day of departure, unless otherwise arranged. Your bill for the accommodation and any extras or services taken during your stay is payable on departure unless otherwise arranged.

Damages, Breakage’s & Theft: Please take care with our accommodation. You are responsible and liable for any breakage’s or damages which you cause to the accommodation or its contents. Please report these as soon as they occur. We do not normally charge for minor breakage’s, but we may send you an invoice for repair or making good if the damage or breakage is significant, and we may make an additional charge of £100 if you did not report this. If any items (ie… towels, toileteries, sheets, hairdryers, pillows, glass water bottles, furniture & fittings) are deemed to have been taken by the guest on departure the value of the item will be charged immediately to their chosen card used for the payment of the reservation. If the item is returned within 7 days the amount charged will be refunded.

Takeaways/snacks & Drinks: We do not allow any takeaway foods or meals brought in from outside into the house. A charge will be made if any extra work needs to be done to make bedrooms  ready for following guests if a takeaway has been brought into the room. Whilst we accept that guests will bring snacks/confectionery and drink items into the bedrooms, the guest is responsible for any irremovable stains or marks that are the result of such items and from any takeaways brought in. This includes any damage made due to direct contact by hot drinks & or food items to furniture resulting in immovable staining.  A charge will be made if any sheets, bedspreads, carpets or any other bedroom furnishings or furniture are damaged and needs professional treatment.
The guest will be charged for any damage as mentioned above on their departure. A copy of the invoice will be sent via post after the damage has been repaired. If we find any damage on the day of departure, with the guest having left then we will be in contact concerning any payment that is due.

Smoking: Smoking is not allowed in the house. Any sign of smoking in the bedrooms or any other part of the building will result in the occupant being charged a £250 to cover the extra cleaning of furnishings, fabrics and loss of revenue. We also request that e-cigarettes etc are not used in the house. There is an outside veranda with seating where smoking is permitted. Ashtrays are provided in the veranda, please use these and not the garden.

Pets: We regret that we cannot accommodate pets.

Liability: We do not accept any liability for any damage, loss or injury to any member of your party or any vehicles or possessions in the house or gardens, unless proven to be caused by a negligent act by ourselves or our employees or contractors whilst acting in the course of employment.

Data: Any data gathered during the course of a booking may be held on computer. All data is secure and is not available to any third parties.

Please note that we have the right to change our Terms & conditions at any time.

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